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Offshore Working At Height

G+ is the global health and safety organisation for the offshore wind industry. The Energy Institute provides the secretariat and supports the ongoing work of the G+. We bring together business leaders, health and safety experts and organisations operating in the offshore wind industry to drive good practice and promote world-class safety performance across the sector. We engage on important industry matters by facilitating discussion and bringing together industry stakeholders to speak with one voice for the offshore wind industry.

Senior executives of the G+ member companies have committed resources from their own company teams, and meet quarterly as  the G+ Board, to actively lead the industry in finding solutions to the safety challenges that offshore wind projects face.

The G+ has an aim to develop into a more global organisation. The G+ has Board members who are country champions and is always keen to liaise further with international stakeholders. We are in the process of creating a Focal Group in Taiwan that will become the APAC group, as the market develops. Once the Taiwanese group is created we will establish a North America Focal Group. This is in addition to the European group that already meets monthly.

All G+ documents should be global. Please get in touch if you find this is not the case.

The G+ member companies use their positions, as major developers in the global offshore wind industry, to provide health and safety leadership and direction. The G+ collaborate to

Full membership of the G+ is open to:

1. Offshore wind asset owners/project developers;

2. Operators with projects at an advanced stage of development.

If you require further information on membership of the G+ and the associated qualifying criteria please use the website contact page.

Associate membership

The G+ launched Associate membership in 2017.

Associate membership of the G+ is open to:

1. Offshore wind farm developers with a site licence and planning consent for a wind farm project (over 30 MW);

2. 'Non-lead' offshore wind farm operators;

3. Original Equipment Manufacturers of offshore wind turbine generators;

4. Transmission network operators.

If you require further information on membership of the G+ and the associated qualifying criteria please use the website contact page.

On 25th November 2015, the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) organised an Offshore Wind Leaders' workshop in Bootle, UK. The G+ was given a clear mandate to take on a visible leadership role in driving the improvement of health and safety performance in the offshore wind industry. The G+ 2016 stakeholder presentation demonstrates how the G+ has fulfilled the commitments set at this meeting.

The G+ and the HSE hosted a review workshop on 26 April 2018. The purpose of the event was to review progress against the specific leadership commitments that the G+ (G9, at that time) made at the Offshore Wind Leaders event in Bootle in November 2015. This report details the outcomes of the workshop.

International Collaboration Committee (ICC)

In response to the G+'s commitment to cooperation and as an output of the HSE “Offshore wind leaders event” held in November 2015 an Industry Collaboration Committee has been formed. This Collaboration Committee is chaired by the G+ and meets on a regular basis in order to ensure that the various organisations work programmes are consistent with current and emerging priority risks, that duplication is minimised and that efforts are undertaken by the most suitable organisation under a more collaborative framework.

Minutes from the last meeting can be found here .

A meeting and events calendar for the organisations involved in the offshore wind industry collaboration committee can be found  here .

The G+ has created an organisational chart to show the different organisations involved in the offshore wind health and safety industry. A list of organisations the G+ has engaged with can be downloaded here.

Should you require further information on the Industry Collaboration Committee, please contact your relevant industry organisation represented on the committee.


At the 2016 G+ Stakeholder Forum the G+ published their first newsletter, providing articles on the G+ work programme and also submissions from individual members. A G+ newsletter will be published on a biannual basis to keep the industry informed of G+ activities and developments.

The latest newsletter is at the top of the below list:

January 2018

December 2016

If you have any queries on the newsletter or any of the articles in particular please use the website contact page .

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