About the G+

The primary aim of the G+ is to create and deliver world class health and safety performance across all activities in the offshore wind industry. Senior executives of the G+ member companies have committed resources from their own company teams, and have also met under the auspices of the G+ Board to actively lead the industry in finding solutions to the safety challenges that offshore wind projects face.

On 25th November 2015, the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) organised an Offshore Wind Leaders' workshop in Bootle, UK. The G+ was given a clear mandate to take on a visible leadership role in driving the improvement of health and safety performance in the offshore wind industry. The G+ 2016 stakeholder presentation demonstrates how the G+ has fulfilled the commitments set at this meeting.

Since the Bootle workshop, the G+ has had an aim to develop into more of a global organisation. The G+ is currently in the process of establishing how best to deliver on this commitment.

The member companies of the G+ are: