On 6th December 2016, the G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+) held their third Stakeholder Forum with key industry stakeholders in London, UK.

At the G+  Stakeholder Forum the “quick wins” in response to the UK HSE Bootle workshop were presented. These position papers providing background information to these quick win proposals were signed off at the November 2016 G+ Board meeting and are available to dowload here:

1. Formation of the Offshore Wind Industry Steering Committee

2. Emergency Response Plans and Response Procedures

3. PPE – transfer from vessel to WTG

4. Site Induction Checklist

5. Sea Survival

6. Enhanced first aid

7. G+ Learning From Experience incident template

Presentations given at the G+ Stakeholder Forum are available to download from this page.

1. Jonathan Cole - Welcome and introduction

2. Frank Monaghan - Safe by Design work programme

3. Kate Harvey - G+ Quick Wins

4. Kate Harvey and Andrew Sykes - G+: 2016 work programme

5. Martin Kjær Mogensen and Edward Smith: Health & Safety performance in relation to Dropped Objects

If you have any queries relating to the Stakeholder Forum or the G+ "quick win" papers please contact us.

Since the last G+ Stakeholder Forum in 2016 the G+ has looked into and discussed at length the types of scenario which may arise during the construction of an offshore wind farm where a crew change may be required the and does not possess a valid GWO certificate.

Some G+ member companies do have visitor exemption requirements for accessing a WTG, for infrequent scenarios and where it would not be practical to ask the visitor to undertake GWO training. Where this exemption is agreed controls would be put in place to manage any risks associated with having a visitor transfer to a WTG.

The G+ are of the opinion that it would not be appropriate to allow a crew member a visitor exemption, as it is a reasonably foreseeable scenario to undertake a crew change using a WTG as a fixed structure to undertake a transfer operation. On this basis the expectation is that the crew who are transferring should be qualified to the relevant GWO standard and have passed the same modules which would be expected from a technician who is undertaking a transfer.