Current Activities

offshore Current Activities

Member companies assign participants to the G+ Focal Group, who meet on a monthly basis, to share learnings and experiences from accidents and incidents. Facilitated by the G+ General Manager, the aim of these discussions is to better understand the risks in the offshore wind industry, their root causes and possible remedial actions.

Through the sharing and analysis of incident data, provided by G+ member companies, an evidence based understanding of the risks encountered during all phases of a wind farm project has been developed. This information is used to identify high risk activities in the offshore wind industry.

The below work programme has been informed by data, member engagement and stakeholder feedback:

Incident data


Increased engagement: The G+ will continue to liaise with key stakeholders, through different channels, continually seeking to internationalise the G+ contacts database.

Develop Safe by Design (SbD) workshop programme: The G+ will continue the SbD initiative, organising workshops on high risk areas, to inform potential improvements.

G+ Stakeholder Forum: The G+ aims to hold an annual Stakeholder Forum to present work completed and key deliverables produced and to guide future development.

G+ Newsletter: A biannual update, summarising the G+ work programme and activities, will be published.

Good practice

The G+ currently has good practice guidelines on the management of service vessels used in the offshore wind industry and working at height. Both of which are second editions.

The G+ is in the process of publishing guidance on dropped objects and manual handling and ergonomics.

Quick wins

Quick wins: The G+ identified a set of quick wins in 2016 to guide harmonisation and minimum standard setting. These will help ensure the workforce is able to work safely and consistently across different sites.

Industry Steering Committee: Formed to ensure that the work programmes of stakeholder organisations are consistent with current and emerging priority risks and that duplication of work is minimised.

Safety Champions / Project Director's Forum: A forum for construction projects has been established within the G+. The aim is to: