Since the COVID-19 outbreak, G+ has worked closely with its global membership to operate throughout the pandemic. Due to the different approaches and legal requirements across the countries that members and associates operate in, G+ has established a COVID-19 group to support industry with the exchange of information and good practice. The group continuously reviewed where it might be useful to collaborate and whether any further outputs from G+ are required.

A regular call has been held for the group to share good practice from their own organisations, relevant public information, information from regulators and work undertaken by other organisations. The exchange of international experiences and sharing of learnings across countries (i.e. with US and EU) in this fast-moving environment has been highly appreciated by members. Lessons learnt have also been shared with the wider energy industry through our website, Toolbox and various other channels.

With increased learnings on effective health and safety measures and advancing vaccination campaigns in different countries, the topics discussed have seen a shift throughout 2021. While health and safety remain the prime concern, the group has also exchanged good practice on phasing out of restrictions and maintaining a balance between supporting the safety, mental wellbeing, and productivity of the workforce. This includes approaches on returning to work from the office and hybrid working arrangements.