The G+ Stakeholder Forum held 3rd and 4th March 2021 provided an opportunity to present the work done by G+ and key deliverables to industry, and to receive feedback. 2021 was the first Stakeholder Forum G+ held virtually, which enabled participants for across the globe to participate in the main event. Given the versatility of holding virtual events, the main event was followed by separate regional events for the APAC and North American regions.

The main event consisted of three parts: a summary of G+’s work, group discussions, and a panel session. The group discussions focused on CTVs, manual handling, and work under suspended loads/lifting. Several common themes on required improvements in those areas emerged during the discussions, these were: improving training, developing communication with personnel, and the importance of improving work planning.

In both the APAC and North America regions, participants were interested in how G+ worked with local regulatory bodies and organisations, and how to train the local workforce.

The key learnings for future events, extracted from received feedback, were to lengthen group discussion times, reduce the panel sessions, present how G+ utilises its incident data, and outline the main arguments that underpin the decisions of the work G+ undertakes.

G+ plans to hold another Stakeholder Forum in Q2 2022. Please sign up to the G+ mailing list on the bottom of the G+ website to be included in the invite.