G+ is the global health and safety organisation, bringing together the offshore wind industry to pursue shared goals and outcomes. It is run in partnership with the Energy Institute, which provides the secretariat and supports its work.

The G+ has four main work areas:

  • Incident data reporting
  • Good practice guidance
  • Safe by Design workshops
  • Learning from incidents.

What's new


G+ SbyD workshop: Floating Offshore Wind


On 30 November 2022, G+ held a Safe by Design Workshop which brought together industry experts to assess health and safety risks relating to floating offshore wind.


Contractor engagement and behavioural safety in onshore civils


G+ and SafetyOn have just launched a set of guidelines for onshore civil engineering and construction works in the wind industry.


G+ Stakeholder Forum - APAC Webinar


Register today for our G+ Stakeholder Forum - APAC Webinar - March 14 2023 - 15.00 – 16.30 (CST + 8) to join the discussion on the important issues in offshore wind health and safety.


G+ Stakeholder Forum - Americas Webinar


What is happening in the world of offshore wind in the Americas? And specifically, around health and safety? Register now for our G+ Stakeholder Forum - Americas Webinar - March 08 2023 - 10.30 – 12.15 (UTC – 5).