The G+ is delighted to start using Toolbox to disseminate lessons learnt from offshore wind incidents with the global offshore community.

Toolbox is a free to use web app which holds incident lessons and safety information shared by global energy companies for you to use at work every day, helping you and your team to get home safe.

We are calling the offshore wind community to share relevant safety alerts with us so that others can benefit from your experiences.

If you would like to promote Toolbox internally, please circulate this flyer: Toolbox Flyer

To submit content, please follow the steps on our submission protocol below.

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Toolbox contains lessons learnt from incidents that caused life-changing injuries or a fatality, or had the potential to. Alerts from other incidents are shown below.
G+ BG - Work programme

Hand injury


Technician hit hand while undoing a fixing with an adjustable spanner

G+ BG - Work programme

Manual Handling - Warehouse.pdf


Severe back pain as a result of handling heavy bags

G+ BG - Work programme

Strained Back while using tools.pdf


Service technician suffered a back strain while stretching bolts

G+ BG - Work programme

Back strain while loosening bolts


Technician injured back while unbolting a delta module