The G+ secretariat is continuing to work remotely and are following the Energy Institute’s business continuity procedures. We are all accustomed to working remotely. Following the March G+ European Focal Group meeting, that was held via conference call on 12th March, it was decided that the G+ should hold all its meetings virtually.The Safe by Design workshop was scheduled for June, but this has now been put on hold. The G+ will continue with its work programme and regular meetings, but they will all be conducted remotely.

As always, please get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss or for us to work on. We are contactable through the website, e-mail gplus@energyinst.org, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The G+ has been working with members on COVID-19 related topics over the past few weeks and thought it would be useful for industry to be aware of the discussions that are underway. Please get in touch if you would like further details.
G+ COVID 19 terms of reference